Family dentistry at its best.

It’s finally over. Summer, that is. School is back in session and the thermometer is slowly cooling down. We are starting to remember why we all live here in the first place. Did you know that your dental office is seasonal as well.

Things certainly slow down in the summer for most Scottsdale dentists. Snow birds are gone. Families take vacations (and staff members too). But now things are in full swing, and all pistons are firing. The busiest months for most offices are November and December, thanks mostly to procrastinating patients who want to get their work done before their insurance benefits expire at year end.

Best to schedule you dentistry now.

If your looking for a check up, or if you’re having a problem that needs to be addressed- it’s best to schedule for it now. The availability late in the year fills up fast. Plus, your dentist or his team may also be gone for some of the winter holiday. Be sure to plan to maximize your insurance benefits or HSA accounts, and schedule today.