We’ve all heard the terminology, but what exactly is “cosmetic dentistry”? And do i need it?

Well that’s probably a question for you and your dentist to discuss. In simple terms, cosmetic dentistry is dental work that isn’t necessarily needed, but would improve the looks of your smile. So there aren’t really cavities that are causing problems that need treatment, but rather stains or old fillings that are unsightly and can be improved upon.

Dentistry has gone through some big changes recently. The introduction of digital radiographs, digital scanning and CAD/CAM assisted surgery has improved the outcomes of procedures that used to suffer from low success rates. Dentists and specialists are more confident now than at any time before, and rightfully so. Things like dental implants used to reserved for a small group of patients, but now almost anyone can be a candidate for one. And for some, this can be a life changing strategy to improve their smile.

Materials have also evolved. 20 years ago, when porcelain was just entering the market as a viable dental choice, almost any shade of “white” was a welcome improvement from the old gold standard. Today, porcelain and it’s derivatives have improved to the point where it is almost impossible to see the difference between what is fake and what is real. This is very exciting for those of use who need cosmetic dentistry in the front of our mouths, where almost everyone can see it. A highly skilled dentist, teamed up with an experienced dental lab, can provide patients with dental veneers or dental crowns that would make even Hollywood producers proud. And for some patients, that means replacing dentistry that they had done maybe only 5 or 10 years ago.

And what about dental whitening? Studies have proven that dental whitening is safe. If coffee, tea or other heavily staining consumables have left your smile tainted, whitening may be a good option for you. For severe cases, it may take several whitening sessions to remove years of abuse and stain. But almost all of us can improve from what we have. And your friends and co-workers are bound to be impressed. See you dentist for options on some of the various tooth whitening systems available today.

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