Hi, I’m Dr. Katelyn Fenlon and I’m a general dentist at Princess Center Dentistry in Scottsdale, Arizona. Today I’m going to share a little about polishing teeth.

When someone typically thinks of polishing teeth, it happens at your cleaning appointment. Every hygienist is a little different. Polishing will happen either before or after your dental cleaning. It’s that kind of gritty paste that you feel crunched between your teeth like sand that your hygienist will, of course, rinse away.

Your dentist won’t personally polish your teeth unless you have a filling or a crown that needs to be polished.

Polishing really helps to clear debris and plaque. It’s not going to remove tartar, but the hygienist will do that with other instruments. Polishing your teeth just removes any residue or plaque and makes your teeth feel super clean!

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