Dr. Katelyn Fenlon is a general dentist at Princess Center Dentistry in Scottsdale Arizona and today she is answering the question, how do dentists clean yellow teeth? 

Everyone’s teeth are a different shade. It’s just it makes makes things interesting.

Most people want a bright white smile. There are some things we can do in the dental office to get that for you.

A simple cleaning might brighten up the teeth a little bit, but if the stain in a tooth is intrinsic or inside the tooth, it’s going to need more than just your typical dental cleaning.

Take home options

Tooth whitening options that we provide at our office include take-home trays that you put gel in. We’ll give you the instructions and that gel will brighten up the teeth. You do that at your own pace.

In-office options

We also have in-office options including zoom, where you know you come and go and within an hour your teeth are way brighter and whiter.

Over the counter options

There are over-the-counter whitening options too. Crest Whitestrips is one that a lot of people are familiar with. And a lot of toothpastes claim whitening benefits, which are probably mild at best, but can can help some people. I also think brushing with an electric toothbrush is going to remove stains before they soak into the tooth, so doing that regularly can can help with whitening.

What if the stain just won’t come out?

Sometimes a stain is so bad or I have some patients that say, “I’ve done all this whitening and my teeth just never get bright enough”

At that point you’d want to consider porcelain restorations either crowns or veneers that are actually made in the lab you can pick the exact color you want. We cement or bond it to the tooth and then you have that color tooth permanently.

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