Hi, today we’re going to do a quick discussion about Invisalign and pros and cons of Invisalign and whether or not it can fix a gap between your front teeth or what we call a diastoma.

A lot of patients come in and ask me about Invisalign and it’s ability to close your gap.

Hi, I’m Chris Lewandowski. This is I’m at Princess Center Dentistry in Scottsdale, Arizona.

How Invisalign Can Fix Your Gap

To answer that question, it it kind of depends on how big that gap is but usually if the gap’s under a couple millimeters which is just the thickness of piece of lead from a pencil. It’s usually no problem. We just squeeze that, you know, those trays just squeeze the arch together and get rid of that space. A lot of times, we can do that just by treating the the arch that’s affected. So, typically is a top arch. So, 5 weeks, 10 weeks, it depends on how big the space is.

What if the Gap Exceeds the Width of My Tooth?

If the gap exceeds like half the distance or half the width of your tooth are more sometimes than orthodontics or or braces maybe required to address that but all of the small gaps can easily be fixed with a quick round of Invisalign and again, those fees depend on the longevity of the treatment which depends on the size of the gap but I think Invisalign is a great tool for any dentist to use to address that aesthetic concern.

So, the answer is yes, Invisalign can quickly and easily close a gap between your front teeth.

Hopefully, that answer some questions for some people.

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My name is Chris Lewandowski, Princess Center Dentistry in Scottsdale, Arizona.