I’m Chris Lewandowski from Princess Center Dentistry in Scottsdale. Today, we’re doing a short video on Invisalign and whether or not its effects on your gum tissue.

So, the question I have on our title is whether Invisalign causes a gum disease and it’s a question I get a lot from people who are interested in Invisalign or even those who might be currently in Invisalign.

The shorter that answer is no.

There is no direct correlation between Invisalign and gum disease. So, Invisalign is entirely safe and for that matter recommended by myself and other dentists across the country.

Here’s the Catch

But what’s noteworthy here is that people do get into trouble with their the cleanliness of their mouth. Um and some maybe plaque. Um on their teeth with Invisalign, especially those who aren’t rushing before they’re placing their Invisalign back in their mouths after meals. So plaque is what sits on your teeth after you eat. So not removed unless you physically touch it with a toothbrush and remove it and if you eat a meal and don’t brush your teeth and put an Invisalign tray in your mouth that covers those teeth that plaque is not going to be removed. Um and in fact can flourish underneath those trays.

I’ve had other videos that discuss saliva’s ability to kind of neutralize acids and plaque. To stop decay. Saliva also can rinse your teeth of food and sugars and starches that might be sticking on your teeth. Also, which is a large component of plaque and without that celery flow because the tray makes things pretty it keeps the saliva out and keeps things from moving around that plaque can sit and thrive and it’s the bacteria that’s in plaque that can cause inflammation of your gums which by definition is inflammation of your gum tissue is gum disease.

Invisalign may lead indirectly to more plague, which triggers inflammation of the gums, which is gum disease.

Brush Your Teeth, Especially with Invisalign

So, and Invisalign isn’t causing gum disease but it can indirectly lead to more plaque which can trigger inflammation of the gums which is gum disease. So, I guess the point being is that Invisalign is entirely safe but while you’re doing Invisalign, you need to brush your teeth after every meal before resuming Invisalign. And if you don’t, you can get into some some gum troubles. So, hopefully that shines a light on that,

Again I want to emphasize there’s nothing to worry about as long as your your hygiene’s stepped up a little bit with Invisalign. I think we always dentist in general tell you to brush your teeth after every meal and I think that holds especially true for those who are participating actively in any kind of orthodontia and in particular, this conversation with Invisalign.