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Wondering what to do with a possible broken jaw?  At Princess Center Dentistry, we’ve treated thousands of patients with dental emergencies. Dr. Lewandowski  will not only help you resolve the pain and discomfort of a dental emergency, but will also follow up with you afterward to assure the best results.

We’ve created this guide to help you understand what precautions to take to assure safe and expedient treatment when you arrive at our office.

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My Jaw Hurts, is it Broken? 

If you have fallen or have experienced another injury to your jaw, is it broken? 

You cannot confirm a broken jaw or fractured jaw, without medical care. However, you can use the following checklist to assess the possibility of a broken jaw: 

  1. Are your teeth not lining up?   Yes 🗹   No 🗹
  2. Are you having challenges opening your mouth? Yes 🗹   No 🗹
  3. Are you having challenges speaking? 
  4. Are you experiencing numbness in your  lower lip?  Yes 🗹   No 🗹 
  5. Are you experiencing numbness in your chin? Yes 🗹   No 🗹 
  6. Are you drooling?  Yes 🗹   No 🗹 

If you are able to answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions after an injury to your jaw, you have the possibility of having a broken jaw.  

In addition, if you are able to answer ‘yes’ to any one of these questions, you need to operate and move forward with first aid steps by classifying your jaw as broken until a medical professional tells you that is or is not broken. 

So, you have determined that you have a suspected broken jaw, what are the steps that you should be following for first aid, let’s take a look . . . 

A Possible Broken Jaw and What to Do for First Aid

Here are the steps to take for a possible broken jaw: 

  1. Checklist: Go through the checklist to determine if you have a suspected broken jaw or not. 
  2. Assess breathing: If a broken jaw it can cause  the tongue to block your airways. If this happens, call 911 for immediate medical assistance.  Understandably, if you are experiencing a breathing issue because of a blocked airway, you will need a friend or family member to call 911. 
  3. Call hospital: Call your local hospital and ask if they have an oral surgeon on call. You want to be seen by an oral surgeon. 
  4. Use ice: Get a towel and place ice in it. Wrap ice into the towel and then towel with ice on your jaw. This will help with swelling.
  5. Use gauze: If you are bleeding, use gauze or a clean cloth for bleeding 
  6. Go to the hospital: Go to a hospital with an oral surgeon, and be examined, and treated for your injury. 
  7. Dentist: Be sure to also alert your dentist of what is happening with your jaw, and make an emergency dental appointment with them, so that once you have been discharged from the hospital a dentist can assess and treat your gums, and teeth. Often, jaw injuries can lead to loose, chipped, or broken teeth. 

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