Thad Purslow

Thad Purslow and his family have been patients of Princess Center Dentistry for many years. Princess Center Dentistry would like to congratulate Thad and Jennifer on their recent marriage.

Thad owns “New Leaf Landscaping” and services the entire Phoenix Valley. “New Leaf Landscaping” is a  full-service landscaping company in the northeast valley that provides a wide variety of landscaping services.

Maintenance Services

  • Mow and edge all grass areas
  • Trim all hedges and shrubs
  • Dig or spray weeds with Herbicide
  • Blow all debris and all walkways
  • Rake all gravel areas
  • Maintain irrigation Clock to seasonal timing schedules
  • Check all irrigation emitters and sprinkler heads
  • Provide a combination of weed control and fertilization treatments

Don’t trust your landscaping to anyone. Thad offers a wealth of experience and expertise. For more information or a quote please call Thad at 480-227-6837