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Chipped or broken teeth can be the result of eating a hard piece of candy, a fall or impact with another player during a contact sport, or simply tripping, falling, and experiencing one of the biting or cut mouth injuries. 

Below are the steps should you take if you find yourself or a child with teeth fragments scattered around. And you may always call and make an appointment with us to help you with your chipped or broken tooth emergency. 

Chipped or Broken Tooth: What to do

  1. Here for you: In Scottsdale, both cosmetic dentists Dr. Lewandowski and Dr. Fenlon are here to help you resolve your broken tooth or chipped tooth.
  2. Call:  Do not wait to make an appointment for this type of dental emergency. When a dentist office is open, hours, call to make the next available appointment.
  3. Communicate: Let the staff know what happened, how you chipped or broken the tooth, and the pain level you are experiencing.

Now, calling a dentist while trying to manage the speaking with a chipped or broken tooth and or aiming to co first aid measures first before calling a dentist here is a tip: 

Delegate! If there are other people around you when you chip or break your tooth, have someone call your dentist to make an  emergency dental appointment, while someone else helps you with the aist aid measures bellow . . . 

Chipped or Broken Tooth First Aid: While you Wait for an Emergency Dental Appointment 

Here are three steps to follow while to wait for your dental appointment: 

  • Warm mater: Use warm water to rinse your mouth. You want to do this step to reduce the chances of debris in the area of your injury.
  • A cup or closed-bottom container:  It is recommended that you do not spit the water out into a sink. Spitting into a cup or other container that does not have a drain will help you prevent possible teeth fragments going down the drain! 
  • Icepack: Use an icepack to place outside of your mouth, on the side of your face where the tooth is either chipped or broken. This will reduce and prevent swelling. It will also provide relief as the cold from the ice will help with the sensations that come from chipping or breaking a tooth. 
  • Milk: Find all the broken tooth fragments and place them in a cup of milk. Those fragments are important because a dentist can actually use them to potentially restructure and glue back you tooth. 
  • Saltwater: If you do not have milk on hand, the tooth fragments can be placed in a cup of salt water. Use one cup of water and a single teaspoon of salt. 
  • In the mouth: Sometimes, you may find that you do not have salt water or milk. Teeth fragments can be placed back in the mouth, where a tooth is missing, however there is a chance the fragment will be swallowed before you get to the dentist. This is especially true for younger children. Awareness is key here. 

FAQ About Broken or Chipped Teeth Treatment

Here are two questions we often get here at Princess Center Dentistry about the care and treatment of chipped or broken teeth: 

  • What Happens if a Broken Tooth goes Untreated?

A broken or chipped tooth goes on treated, the risk of infection through the build up of bacteria is high. 

And in the long-run can lead to  extensive and avoidable pain, as well as high dental expenses with the need of a root canal or other treatments to solve and fix not only the chipped or broken tooth but also the now developing infection in the mouth.  

  • What do I do if I Chip or Break my Tooth but can’t Find the Tooth Fragments to Bring to the Dentist?

This is not a huge concern under the care and skill of a well trained and experienced cosmetic dentist.  By going to a cosmetic dentist, not only will they be able to help aesthetically repair your chipped or broken tooth but also provide you with functionality of your tooth back. 

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