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Wondering what to do if you’re experiencing bleeding gums? At Princess Center Dentistry, we’ve treated thousands of patients with dental emergencies. Dr. Lewandowski  will not only help you resolve the pain and discomfort of a dental emergency, but will also follow up with you afterward to assure the best results.

We’ve created this guide to help you understand what precautions to take to assure safe and expedient treatment for your bleeding gums when you arrive at our office.

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Bleeding Gums: What to do

  1. Here for you: In Scottsdale, both cosmetic dentists Dr. Lewandowski and Dr. Fenlon are here to help you resolve your gum emergency
  1. Call: Do not wait to make an appointment for this type of dental emergency. When a dentist office is open, hours, call to make the next available appointment.
  1. Communicate: Let the staff know what happened, what made your gums bleed, and the pain level you are experiencing.

Emergency Treatments

Emergency dentistry is covers a wide variety of treatments for various emergency conditions. These may include any of the following.

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