Metal-Free Fillings

Woman smiling with metal-free fillings from Scottsdale Dentist Dr. Lewandowski

With so many aesthetic advancements in dentistry, no one wants metal fillings these days. Metal fillings are known to age the appearance of your smile by making teeth appear darker and may even weaken the very teeth they were meant to restore. Dr. Andrews proudly provides only metal-free fillings to Scottsdale patients, including porcelain and composite options.

These fillings can conservatively repair cavities using superior materials with modern bonding properties. Designed of composite resins or ceramics, metal-free fillings are color-matched to blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile. The materials bond to the tooth and require no removal of healthy tooth structure. Their bonding properties also ensure the filling will stay firmly in place and seal out bacteria for years to come.

Dr. Andrews offers metal-free fillings at his Scottsdale practice as the best solution for your overall health. For expert dentistry with your best interest in mind, contact Princess Center Dentistry today!

We Keep Your Smile Metal-Free

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