My name is Dr. Chris Lewandowski, I’m a cosmetic dentist at Princess Center Dentistry in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Today, we’re doing a quick, short post to discuss the pros and cons of Invisalign Orthodontic treatment.

What is Invisalign?

Hopefully you’ve heard of Invisalign. It’s just a clear tray system for moving your
teeth. Each tray moves your teeth a little bit. So, through a series of trays, you get controlled tooth movement. Um some of the pros for Invisalign obviously are that you can take crooked teeth and make them straight.


So, there’s a cosmetic benefit to Invisalign. When you straighten your teeth, you are less likely to accumulate tartar so the teeth are more self cleansing. So, another pro of Invisalign would be healthier gum tissue and less tartar for your cleanings. Then, a third pro for Invisalign would be to improve the bite or the stresses of your upper and lower teeth of how they come together. So, it can improve the bite functionality of your teeth or the occlusal forces or the occlusal load So, there’s some dental benefits besides just cosmetic.


Some of the cons and of Invisalign and there really aren’t that many but of course, the first con is the cost. So, Invisalign case is it cost money. Uh the cost of treatment depends on the duration of treatment. So, obviously, the longer the case, the higher the fee. You can expect the range to be anywhere from $1,500 up to $5,000 maybe 6 thousand dollars depending on the . Also another con of
Invisalign is it’s a little bit of work. So, you as a patient, you have to wear the trays. Invisalign wants you to wear the trays 22 hours a day. Um so, while you have that tray in your mouth, you cannot eat or drink necessarily and it can be slightly inconvenient to have to wear that. However, I think this inconvenience is found comparison to you know, orthodontic bands or metal brackets which you cannot remove and become much more of a inconvenience in terms of like social events. Our social engagements especially for adults.


So, that’s about it. Invisalign can make em straight, make your gums healthier, and improve your bite. Um the cons there again are priced and you gotta you gotta wear em. So, hopefully that helps people that are interested in this topic.

Again, my name is Dr. Chris Lewandowski, Scottsdale, Arizona for Princess Center Dentistry.